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James and Lucy Buchanan

James and Lucy moved to central Johannesburg in 2014. James is the senior minister at Hope Church Auckland Park: a vibrant and diverse congregation with huge potential for growth.  Lucy heads up the SoulCare pastoral care ministry at Hope Church and is involved with Biblical Counselling Africa.  They have four children: Sam, Hannah, Sophie and Rachel. 

James and Lucy (and the church) have a particular desire to reach out to the 70,000 students within walking distance of the church, and to train up future ministry workers and church leaders.  They are also committed to church planting, in the local area and further afield.

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Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English

Recent Prayer Letters

We wish you a blessed Christmas and a happy New Year! For us, 2023 has been a year of ups and downs, with James and Lucy both taking six months off work at Hope Church to seek to recover from burnout and also focus on the needs of our children, with the girls especially struggling with their mental health. Our spiritual blessings in Christ are great indeed, and being made so keenly aware of our physical and emotional limitations has given us new cause to praise God for his goodness and grace towards us. We have been especially encouraged and challenged that God’s kingdom work does not dependent on us and that our identity is secure in him, as we seek to battle the desire to please men and not God. Please join us in giving thanks to God that he has sustained us in the suffering and storm this year, that our family is safe still and that Hope Church has kept going and growing in our ‘absence’. Our morning service especially has been full to bursting in recent months so the need for a larger meeting hall increases. We are so grateful for your prayers and support for us as a family and as Hope Church, when we have felt buffeted by life’s storms. 
Many of you have noted over the last couple of months that we are increasingly weary and heavy-laden. In fact, James has been signed off work for the foreseeable future with severe adrenal fatigue/burnout and Lucy’s sabbatical has not been as restorative as we had hoped either.
2022 was a tough year and we went into this year hoping that things might get easier. Instead the Lord seems to be answering our prayers to keep us humbly dependent on him! At the end of 2022 we said goodbye to four more members of staff – with Banele and Bonginkhosi heading off to study theology at George Whitfield College and Tumisang and Buyi deciding to take a break from ministry. We have also just said goodbye to John who is going to work at another local church. The past few years have felt like a huge churn on the staff team, in the midst of the pandemic, and with a church plant and lots of people moving on and coming in.
As we write, it’s only the end of October, but our year is coming to an end fast with our student carol service and last evening service on Sunday 6 November. It has been a hard year as we have relaunched our student work after Covid-19, but the year is ending with great joy and hopes for next year. Please praise the Lord for his faithfulness through hard times. This would be the theme across our church at the moment with our ‘young adults’ (young professionals) work also being launched at the start of the year. Now with Simon and Lindi Banda running that work, it has grown from strength to strength.

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