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Graeme and Bequi Innes

Graeme and Bequi serve at Imago Dei, an evangelical church in Chişinău, the capital city of Moldova.

Most of the Moldovan population regard themselves as Orthodox Christians and are largely unaware of the true gospel message. Yet the Lord is at work in advancing the gospel by raising up Moldovan gospel workers. 

Graeme and Bequi are passionate about equipping and discipling believers to be those who can rightly handle the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). Graeme’s role involves preaching, leading Bible studies, leading one-to-ones and evangelistic outreach. Graeme also trains and mentors pastors within Moldova’s Reformed Evangelical Alliance (AER Moldova) which he helps to lead. 

Bequi is actively involved in women’s ministry; discipling women as well as leading Bible studies and one-to-ones. 

Graeme and Bequi have three children; Iona, Joshua and Ella.

Get to know the Innes family better in the interview below. You can also hear about their work with AER Moldova and Imago Dei Church, as well as their thank you to their supporters. All the interviews were filmed in July 2023.




Evangelical Christians:


Main religion:

Orthodox Christianity

Main Languages:

Romanian, Russian

Recent Prayer Letters

We arrived back in Chisinau nearly a month ago. It was lovely to be home and sleeping in our own beds again such a long time away. The children went straight back to school and have adjusted quickly into a routine. They were also delighted to see their toys, books… and pets after so long away!
This August will be our sixth anniversary in Moldova! Can you believe it? As we reflect on our time here, we rejoice and give thanks, like the Apostle Paul did, for all the churches and individuals who have partnered with us, and continue to do so, in the gospel.
On 23 November 2022, President Zelensky announced that Ukraine’s energy sector was under a massive Russian rocket and drone attack. Within five minutes, the whole of Moldova (which was entirely dependent on electricity from Ukraine) was plunged into nationwide darkness at twilight. That evening is nothing compared to the prolonged days of blackout that our neighbours across the border are still having to endure, but it was an event that Moldovans will struggle to forget. The city turned to absolute chaos during rush hour. It was dangerous for us driving in the pitch black without any traffic lights, but even more so for the barely visible pedestrians who were trying to get home. The streets were eerily strewn with countless abandoned and unmovable trolleybuses. Even-gloomier-than-usual Soviet apartment blocks loomed menacingly over the skyline, while shops, workplaces and schools had to close. It was unsettling.
We are always encouraged when we receive a group of Christians in Moldova to serve on a short-term mission trip. We are grateful for the extra pairs of hands ready to serve (the harvest is great here and the workers are few!). We also love sharing our life here in Moldova with others and we all really enjoy the fellowship, encouragement and British sense of humour (and the children love having people other than us to play with!).
Our eldest daughter has just returned to her bedroom following the departure of our latest Ukrainian house guests who had been staying in there. Hanging on the wall was her calendar, still showing the month of March. Such has been the enormous influx of Ukrainians to Moldova that she has only been able to spend two nights in her room since the war began.

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