Study Partner

Giuseppe Giorgio Tranchida

Forte Torre Church
2020 – 2023

Giorgio is a BEST study partner at Forte Torre Church, studing the Applicazione course.

Giorgio began attending church when he was eight years old. He believed in Jesus as King but thought he had to prove his own righteousness and found it too hard to live as Jesus commanded. When Giorgio was at university, he spent a year studying abroad in the Czech Republic. Away from friends and other distractions, Giorgio was more aware that he had rebelled against Jesus and couldn’t do anything himself to fix it. He returned to reading the Bible and asked Jesus for forgiveness.

Since then, Giorgio has grown in his love and knowledge of Jesus. He was a student leader in his university Christian Union group (affiliated to IFES). From 2020 – 2023, he is studying with the Applicazione course alongside his internship at Forte Torre.




Evangelical Christians:


Main religion:

Roman Catholic

Main Languages:


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