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Gerald and Louise Mwangi

Gerald and Louise are passionate about young people knowing Jesus and living lives committed to him.

Gerald and Louise started and led the TransformD programme within iServe Africa for 6 years. TransformD is a discipleship programme which treaches the Bible and topical issues alongside life skills and 1:1 mentorship. Gerald and Louise have now left that programme to be continued by others within iServe Africa and are moving to train and equip those working with youth and children in churches and in specific discipleship programmes similar to TransformD. In Kenya, there is often teaching on theology but very little teaching or training on how to impart this theology to young people or children. Gerald is currently working on a curriculum and will begin training sessions in 2023.

Gerald and Louise have three boys: Jeremiah, Daniel and James.




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English and Swahili

Recent Prayer Letters

We live in a world that is becoming all the more cynical, particularly on matters of faith. The unbelieving population wants tangible evidence on matters of faith. They want to know that God is real, that Jesus existed and performed miracles as recorded, and that the Holy Spirit is true. Until then most of them are unwilling to even entertain the idea of God. As a result, believers in God find themselves having to think and work so hard to defend their faith.
We had our first training in our new house in Nairobi in October, where we had a team of eight youth workers from the Diocese of Marsabit for a week. We have had two trainings with them before then and it is great to see how each one of them is growing in their love and knowledge of God, as well as growing in their desire for faithful Bible handling skills.
Together we ran a training course on Saturday 1 July for Sunday school teachers (who teach 3-18 years old) from two churches in Mathare and Coach, two slums in Nairobi. 19 teachers came. We focused on what is the gospel, the cultural influences that can skew how we teach the Bible, and visual ways to teach the gospel to children. We also invited a teacher called Helen who attends one of the churches to teach the character of a Sunday school teacher. She teaches in a local high school, grew up in the church but now lives outside of the slum. She did a wonderful job, and it was great to give her that platform as she is passionate about helping teachers teach well.
We have been waiting for a long time to share our plans to work with the Anglican Church of Kenya and we can now do so! We both met with the archbishop at the beginning of March. We explained our passion for children and youth and the vision for training youth and children’s workers in Nairobi and around Kenya. The archbishop is a godly man and very concerned for children and young people. 50% of the population here is under 20, so it is an extremely young population (by comparison, the UK has 20% under 20).
Dear friends, Kenya has been experiencing drought for the last couple of months as very little rain has come during the usual time of year in which rain is expected. Aside from the farmers not being able to feed their own families, they are also unable to supply our markets. This has had a big implication on the lives of many since it results in food prices rising.
It is an exciting time at the beginning of each year as we welcome new participants into the TransformD Discipleship Programme. The first few weeks are always hard as young people start to settle in a new environment, start different routines to what they are used to and get to know a new group of people from different backgrounds. TransformD staff team work exceedingly hard in making sure that the young people feel valued and welcome but also in setting out clearly the objectives of the programme.

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