Study Partner

Eric Egati

Bachelor of Divinity
Uganda Christian University
2022 – 2025

Eric is a BEST study partner with Uganda Christian University

Eric became a Christian in 2014 after being greatly disturbed by evil spirits. After his pastor prayed with him, Eric accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. At a prayer retreat in 2019, Eric felt called to enter ordained ministry. He has a heart for helping vulnerable people, especially orphans and widows. However, Eric also feels strongly his need to be properly trained to handle the Bible and to teach others. Eric’s predecessor did not invest in training new pastors, so his diocese is about to face a serious shortage of trained clergy.

Eric says, ‘There are many people in my area who would love to join ordained ministry but who are financially incapable. This course will help my leadership and preaching so I can better serve the Lord wherever I am posted within the diocese.’

Eric is married to Atizuyo Sally and they have four children (Tracy aged 10, Livingston aged 8, Ernest aged 4 and Joseph aged 2).

Partner with Eric

Eric needs £2,230 per academic year from 2022 – 2025 (three years), which includes a 10% administration fee. Please consider joining Eric in gospel partnership, praying with him and supporting him financially. Through partnering with Eric you can play a real part in indigenous gospel mission.




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English, Luganda and Swahili