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Chris and Rosy Redfearn

Chris and Rosy are serving with a local evangelical church in Valencia, Spain.

Just 1% of the population of Spain are evangelical Christians. 75% of people identify as Roman Catholic but this tends to reflect a sense of cultural identity rather than personal faith.

When visiting Spain together, Chris and Rosy were struck by how little gospel witness there is in the country. The missionaries they met in Valencia convinced them of the need for more gospel workers who could serve alongside them in sharing the gospel with Spanish people.

Rosy studied Spanish at university and has a strong knowledge of the people and culture. For the past six years, Chris and Rosy have been involved in church ministry in Newcastle. Rosy worked as a student worker before becoming a foster carer and then having Lydia in May 2021. Chris was involved in planting a church in the culturally diverse west end, leading the children’s and youth work. In preparation for serving in gospel ministry long-term, Chris studied Theology with Crosslands and Rosy studied biblical counselling with BCUK.

Chris and Rosy recognise that it is a privilege serve God in this way. They would love gospel-hearted Christians to partner with them in the work, supporting them by praying and giving financially.




Evangelical Christians:


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Roman Catholic

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Recent Prayer Letters

We are really excited about writing to you this time – we feel like we have a lot of encouraging updates since we last wrote to you. As ever, sitting down and reflecting on what’s happened the past few months is so helpful for us to see how much God is at work but also how much he answers your prayers. We often see prompt responses to what we ask you all to pray for. It is such an encouragement to be reminded that we are on mission with you despite the distance! We hope you see it that way too.
We hope you’ve had an enjoyable Christmas period! We spent it here in Valencia where we were able to mix new traditions in (enjoying the delicious oranges that are growing all around us, wearing Christmas t-shirts and shorts on Christmas day) whilst enjoying a few home comforts that were brought to us (pigs in blankets, Wensleydale and cranberry cheese and red current sauce!). In Spain, the big celebration is on Christmas Eve where everyone stays up late eating a big feast. So on Christmas Day the church family felt a bit depleted and deflated. So we were grateful we could spend the day with the Milsons (our church pastor and his family) – fellow excited Brits to help us feel a little bit closer to home.
As we approach the end of our third month here in Valencia, we thought it’d be good to let you know how we are settling in and what we are looking forward to coming up as the new term begins! We are very grateful for all of you who have been keeping in touch since we have arrived, giving us the encouragements we needed in the early days.

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