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Cape Town Gap Year Team 2024

Claudia, Ellie, Grace, Roli and Georgina are spending five months seeking to serve the local church, hold out the gospel and learn about the Lord. ​ 

The team will be living and studying at George Whitfield College, a theological college in Muizenberg, right on the coast in Cape Town. They will be studying theology alongside students at college and getting stuck into their local community. Each team member will serve as an intern at Gracefields Church or The Message Church. Those at Gracefields will be involved with children’s work and discipleship, while those at the Message will be involved in university campus outreach. They will also spend a day a week volunteering at iThemba primary school, seeking to share the love of Jesus with the children from the local township and support the staff in their work.

Outside of their studying and serving, they will spend time praying and reading the Bible together, led by Claudia, their team leader. ​Living in the heart of Cape Town, the team will have many opportunities to explore the city and experience South African culture.

South Africa



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Main Languages:

Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English

Recent Prayer Letters

Thank you everyone for praying for and supporting us over the last month!
Thank you for praying for us as we have been preparing to leave for Cape Town.

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