Study Partner

Abraham Yadesa Tola

Bachelors of Practical Theology
Nekemte Christian Education College
2021 – 2025

Abraham is a BEST study partner at Nekemte Christian Education College.

From a young age, Abraham has known the power of God’s word and the work it has done in him and those around him. Abraham has spent the past five years working as an evangelist and secretary for a church in his hometown of Guto, western Ethiopia. To help him in this work, Abraham studied for a Diploma in Theology at Nekemte Christian Education College (NCEC) and graduated in 2019.  

Abraham would like to study for a Bachelors Degree in Theology to further equip him for his work in Guto parish. He writes, ‘I have a vision to do many things in our parish, such as preaching the good news to unbelievers and teaching the word of God to believers. It is known that every course can change the attitude of a person so I know this course can help me in so many directions. It will give me knowledge for teaching wisely and good thinking so that I keep to the word of God and care for all believers.’

Abraham is studying for a Bachelors in Practical Theology from August 2021 – June 2025. He needs £760 per year for four academic years.




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