Inside Mission is a podcast that connects you with those serving in mission across the globe.

In each episode, Jamie Read (Crosslinks Director of Mission Partnerships) chats to frontline mission workers around the world to put you in touch with what mission looks like today.


Episode 5 – Is God calling me to serve overseas?

Andy and Rachel Symons teach at a bible college in Zambia. In this episode they speak about how they made the decision to go and what has kept them in Zambia despite difficulties. As well as answering questions any potential mission partner might have, it's also a great encouragement to everyone, wherever you're involved in ministry.  

Episode 4 – What should global mission look like in the 21st Century?

Today just 33% of the world's Christians live in Europe and North America, so do we need to send missionaries overseas? In this podcast, Chris Howles challenges us to think about mission as more than just 'sending' but an interaction with the world Church.

Episode 3 – What's the point in short-term mission?

We want to know what impact short-term mission has – both locally and on the individuals themselves. In this episode, Jonny Tilford talks about his short-term experience: from a five-week stint during a summer break to spending two years working alongside a new church plant in Belgium. Jamie also finds out what got Jonny first thinking about overseas mission and why it's worth serving abroad over staying in the UK.

Episode 2 – Church ministry in the rainbow nation 

Following the first democratic election in 1994, post-apartheid South Africa was dubbed the rainbow nation. Change happened rapidly and dramatically as a multitude of ethnic groups, tribes and languages found each other. In this episode, Jamie asks Glenn Lyons what makes ministry unique in this diverse context and finds out what churches in the UK and Ireland can learn from this. Glenn is Presiding Bishop of the evangelical anglican church in South Africa (REACH-SA). 

Episode 1 – Being a mum on the mission field

What's it really like being a mission partner mum in rural Africa? In this episode, Jamie chats to Harriet Algeo who has first-hand experience of raising three children in a culture where life and motherhood looks very different. Harriet speaks about what was running through her mind when she was weighing up whether to go, what her day-to-day school run looks like, how she's benefitted from knowing Gambian mothers and much more.