Volunteering for a short-term placement is a brilliant way to use your time and gifts to serve God.

See below for current opportunities

Bible teaching and discipleship in Kenya

Mission partners Wanyeki and Mary Mahiaini are looking for a couple to serve alongside them at St Julian’s Anglican Training Centre in Kenya. The centre focuses on introducing clergy, lay readers and evangelists to expository preaching and discipleship skills in Kenyan dioceses. This ministry would suit a couple – the wife would be working with Mary (discipleship) and the man with Wanyeki (expository preaching). The couple will have cross-cultural experience or be willing to learn how to work cross culturally. Their teaching skills will be as important as their Christian character. They will have the added responsibility of compiling and editing the training material being developed for the centre.

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Church teams in Johannesburg, South Africa

We'd love teams from churches to serve alongside mission partners James and Lucy Buchanan for around two weeks, either in February, over Easter, in August or in September 2019. Teams will be involved with seasonal outreach, university mission weeks, or kids holiday clubs.

Email: dbartholomew@crosslinks.org

Leadership and student helpers on InterAction camps in Belgium, France and Germany

InterAction summer camps are bilingual Christian activity holidays in Belgium, France and Germany for young people aged 10 – 18. InterAction camps are a wonderful opportunity for young people to practice their language skills and to engage with another culture while receiving clear Bible teaching. Everything is done bilingually, usually with alternate translations. If you'd like to serve Jesus and fancy trying out your French or German at the same time, InterAction camp leadership is a great place to start. It's a wonderful opportunity to explain the gospel to young people from different countries and to engage in cross-cultural ministry. It also provides an excellent first opportunity to experience French/German-speaking gospel ministry and to understand more about the Belgian, French or German Christian scene. If you choose to spend a year abroad as part of your degree, the contacts and experience of camp are a great first step.

To book a place for a camper or to volunteer as a cook, leader or animef (student helper) go to: www.interactioncamps.org

Overseas ministry apprenticeships in various locations

Are you considering serving in cross-cultural gospel ministry longer term? Do you want to test the water before committing to three years or more? Then why not consider an overseas church-based ministry apprenticeship? We can facilitate church placements for one to two years alongside studying part-time at a local bible college. Whether in Europe, Africa or Asia there are churches that would welcome your help and service. As with a UK-based apprenticeship, any placement would involve elements of practical work (e.g. moving chairs, setting up for groups etc.), ministry opportunities (e.g. leading bible studies, running a youth group or children's club) and ministry training – either as part of a group on a course or through individual discipling and mentoring. If this is something you’re considering, please contact us to discuss your plans and options.

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Youth and children's work in South Africa

Christ Church Hermanus is located in a scenic country town, approximately 120km from Cape Town. The motto of the church is 'Where the Gospel is Preached and People are Loved'. They are looking for volunteers who love Jesus with a heart to serve children and/or youth. Board and lodging will be provided and Crosslinks can help with building partnerships and fundraising. Enquiries for both long-term and short-term service are welcome. Training and supervision will be provided.

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Theological College lecturer in Uganda

The Bishop Barham University College in south-west Uganda is looking for people to teach theology. It can be teaching a short course for a few months, or for a full academic year or longer.

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Children's work in Delhi, India

E4L works in four sites in slums around Delhi and would love volunteers (either individuals or a team) to teach English, bible lessons and craft to the children at the centres. This could also involve joining in with teenage groups at Delhi Bible Fellowship Church, helping with English or computer classes. Individuals email cchan@crosslinks.org, groups email dbartholomew@crosslinks.org Flexible length and dates between August 2019 and April 2020.

Administrator for GamFES in The Gambia

Gambian Fellowship of Evangelical Students are seeking a gifted administrator/accountant to help manage their finance department. This is a great opportunity to use the God-given gifts of accountancy to serve God’s worldwide church. Currently the staff at GamFES are involved in visiting university campuses to support Christian students and train them for evangelism and bible teaching. The staff would be greatly helped by a dedicated accountant, who would free up the staff workers for more evangelism and discipleship opportunities. 

The office is based in Banjul in The Gambia and we are looking for people available for one year or more. Degree level accounting is preferred. 

Email: dbartholomew@crosslinks.org

Teaching English and working with students in Chiang Mai, Thailand

About 40,000 students study at the University of Chiang Mai. They need to have a good level of English to be able to secure a good job after they graduate, so ‘The Centre’ offers affordable English classes. All the staff and volunteers there are Christians and include mission partner Janet. There are plenty of opportunities to befriend students over English lessons, social evenings and outings, and to share the gospel with them. Volunteers who can serve for one month to two years are welcome. TEFL qualifications are helpful but not essential. 

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Bible college administrator in Tanzania

St Philip’s Theological College of Kongwa in Tanzania is seeking a godly and gifted administrator, to serve for two years (although anything over three months would be appreciated). This is a volunteer position but a furnished house is provided in the college campus.

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Tailored placements in various locations

Our short-term volunteers are involved in a wide range of activities including youth and children's work, student work, prison ministry, English teaching, ministry amongst international students and returnees, teaching at bible colleges, childcare and homeschooling for missionary families. Placements can be very flexible in duration and location. We have recently sent volunteers to China, Thailand, Belgium, the Czech Republic, The Gambia, Togo, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Chile. We welcome enquiries from people who wish to use their professional and/or ministry skills to serve God overseas for any length of time from one month to two years. 

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Church team opportunities

There are opportunities for groups from churches or CUs to serve with mission partners in Serbia, Pakistan, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, Kenya and more. Opportunities include a range of mission activities at various times of the year. See more about Church Teams here. Teams hoping to go in the summer should enquire by January/February.

Email: dbartholomew@crosslinks.org

Student work in South Africa

Crosslinks mission partner Nerena Neathercoat is serving in a student ministry called The Bible Talks (TBT) on the campuses of the University of KwaZulu Natal in Durban. The work involves teaching the Bible to students, meeting up with individuals and equipping them to read the Bible well for themselves and to teach it to others. The team is looking for a volunteer to serve as a ministry apprentice or staff worker for 1-2 years starting in January 2019. Crosslinks will help with fundraising for the suitable individual/couple. Training and supervision will be provided.

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Refugees in Northern Ireland

Each year, the number of internationals seeking refuge and asylum in Northern Ireland is growing. This provides the local church with a wonderful opportunity to reach out to the world on their doorstep. We are seeking individuals and couples of all ages who have a heart to build gospel relationships, to partner with existing cross cultural ministries in Belfast. 

Email: darmstrong@crosslinks.org

Teaching English at Noh Bo Academy in Thailand

Volunteers are needed to teach students aged 13-23 at the Noh Bo Academy. This is a valuable opportunity to serve the Karen refugees near the Burmese border in rural Thailand. The ministry is supported by Christ Church Bangkok. Responsibilities include English teaching, leading bible studies and assemblies, and generally encouraging and supporting the staff and students in the wide range of activities that happen on campus. We are looking for people who are available for six months to one year, servant-hearted, love Jesus and can take initiative. English teaching qualifications are helpful but not necessary.

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Church apprenticeship for French speakers in Brussels, Belgium

Le Stage 222 is a Brussels-based church apprenticeship scheme that offers a year of engaging, bible-focussed training at Eglise Protestante Evangélique de Bruxelles Woluwe. Working alongside mission partners Steve and Dawn Orange, apprentices have the opportunity to work within a pastoral team of a growing local church. Le Stage 222 is ideal for men and women aged 18-30 who would like to live and serve better within the church and be trained to become future church leaders. This can work well as part of a university language year abroad. 

You can download an information sheet about Le Stage 222 here or hear from current apprentices Charmaine and Robyn.

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Ministry apprenticeships in Johannesburg, South Africa

Mission partner Ben Williamson at Christ Church, Hillbrow is seeking to recruit ministry apprentices. There will be opportunities to study some modules at Johannesburg Bible College, and to serve in different areas of church life and outreach such as children's work, women's work and student work.  

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

University language-year abroad in various locations

We have several exciting opportunities for university year abroad placements with mission partners in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Greek and Thai speaking countries (among others!). Placements through Crosslinks could make up part or the whole of your university year abroad, and could be tailored to your gifts and preferences. Opportunities range from working with children, to being a church apprentice, to studying at a bible college, to being part of university campus outreach, or more. If you want to use this year to both improve your language level and serve God and his people, contact us.

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org

Training bible teachers in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, India

Project Partner Pastor Devender would gladly host individuals or small teams of two to four people to observe and join in with teaching church leaders as part of North India Bible Training. Individuals email cchan@crosslinks.org, groups email dbartholomew@crosslinks.org Flexible length and dates between August 2019 and April 2020.

Bible teaching in northern Uganda

Mission partner Andrew Moody (married to Eunice) based near Nebbi, northern Uganda, is looking for the assistance of one or two mature Christians with some training in and experience of teaching the Bible. The door is open to visit refugee camps in northern Uganda where churches and ministries are already established. Volunteers will assist Andrew in teaching lay and ordained men and women from the Episcopal Church of South Sudan. The aim of these teaching weeks is to provide basic training in understanding the Bible and doctrine (teaching with translators). Volunteers will be servant-hearted and teachable themselves, with a willingness to adapt and be flexible as the need arises.

Email: cchan@crosslinks.org