Every day Crosslinks mission partners work tirelessly to make Jesus Christ known and loved across the four corners of the globe.

In the north, Trevor and Andrea Watson lead a church in Sweden. 

The Christian population in Sweden is shrinking faster than anywhere else on earth. Trevor and Andrea's ministry centres on bringing Christ-focused preaching back into churches. They are growing a pastor training initiative and are involved in evangelism and discipleship with locals – in the past year this has meant outdoor bible studies in -10°C!

‘What a joy for us to serve the Lord in Sweden through Crosslinks and in partnership with churches and individuals in the UK and Ireland. We feel such a sense of unity in the gospel with Crosslinks and are very blessed to be able to reach out together with the wonderful news of Jesus.’

Trevor and Andrea

Heading south, Alun and Debbie Burt lead a church in  Cape Town, South Africa.

For people in the informal settlements, poverty, drugs, gang culture and violence are part of day-to-day life. Over the last year Alun and Debbie have provided home school resources to families with no internet access and given food parcels to those who’ve been pushed further into poverty. Despite the circumstances, more people have been interested in the claims of Jesus. 

‘Crosslinks enables us to continue with this work by facilitating great partnerships between us and UK churches. Their thorough administration and steady leadership gives us a stable organisational and financial base from which to work. Their laser focus on proclaiming the gospel keeps us focused on what God has sent us here to do.’

Alun and Debbie

In West Africa, Alex and Susannah are sowing seeds among an unreached people group. 

There are hardly any churches that reach out in the local language which means that the majority of people have no opportunity to hear the gospel. Alex and Susannah arrived just as the pandemic was taking hold last March but are making steady progress in learning the language and adapting to the culture.
‘We are very grateful to God for the practical, spiritual and emotional partnership we have benefited from over the last year! From support in managing finances to wisdom on any question we throw their way (What we should do about COVID-19? How should we deal with riots? What should we do about our kids’ changing educational needs?). The availability of Crosslinks staff to help at the drop of a hat is heart-warming and stress-reducing. Without this partnership, much time which has been spent on language study would have been spent elsewhere.’

Alex and Susannah

Heading east, Graeme and Bequi Innes live in the capital city of Moldova. 

Moldova is Europe's poorest country and Eastern Orthodoxy dominates people’s mindsets and traditions. Graeme and Bequi Innes are based at a church, reaching out to the lost and discipling believers. They lead bible studies, teach in church, lead one-to-ones and are involved in evangelistic outreach.
‘We love being part of Crosslinks and this has been especially true during the pandemic. The practical and administrative support frees us up to focus on the ministry that the Lord has called us to do. We are thankful for the times when we have been able to talk through particular challenges that have arisen due to COVID and our children have really loved the regular sessions that have been run for the children of mission partners. It can be challenging being "Third Culture Kids" at the best of times, but these sessions have helped our children to connect with others who are in similar situations to them.’

Graeme and Bequi

The work of all 109 Crosslinks mission partners is only possible because of the Crosslinks teams here in Britain and Ireland. They are keeping mission partners in the field. Can you make a gift to sustain this vital, enabling work?

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