Helen Burns, Crosslinks staff member, ran the Cardiff half-marathon on Sunday 7 October 2018 in one hour 54 minutes, for Education for Liberation (E4L).

There are over one billion people in India, 80% of which are Hindu. Only 2% of the population is Christian. There is also much material need: many people live in slums without running water or proper sanitation facilities. People crave an end to their poverty and recognise education as a means of a way out. Education is free in India up to the age of 14, but many children from the slums do not attend or are unable to attend regularly because of their poor performance.

Education for Liberation (E4L) aims to meet these two urgent needs: people’s recognised need for education and their unrecognised need for the gospel. By reaching out to the community through education, E4L serves in a way that local people can immediately understand, whilst also sharing God’s word with them.

E4L is an initiative of the Delhi Bible Fellowship and offers literacy and numeracy classes across four of Delhi’s slums. E4L also runs adult literacy and sewing classes for women. Every time they attend E4L, the women and children hear from God’s word. All of the leaders and teachers are from the local church family and receive ongoing training in teaching the Bible to children and how to share God's word whilst teaching literacy. Throughout the year, E4L runs regular evangelistic events, bible clubs and prayer meetings.

Across the four sites, 140 children and 18 women attend E4L, 80% of which are from Hindu or Muslim backgrounds. Since this project began in 2008, many have begun attending church and several have turned to Christ as their saviour.

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You can find out more about E4L here.

Cardiff half-marathon