To support gospel partnerships around the world, we need to meet central costs.

We provide our mission partners and projects with a range of services, such as cross-cultural expertise, facilities, financial guidance and mentoring. We also liaise with sending churches and individuals. By becoming a friend of Crosslinks, you can help this vital work to continue.

“It is crucial to support mission partners, and no less crucial to give to Crosslinks itself. The hard work and dedication of central staff mean that we and other mission partners and projects can carry out work on the front line. Crosslinks helps us with tax returns, technological queries, budgeting, cross-cultural relationships, travel, insurance and church partnerships. Its staff support us every step of the way.” Chris and Ros Howles, Uganda

Friends of Crosslinks give at least £5 each month to help keep our organisation running. Friends also invest time in praying for us. In return, we give them regular updates about how this support helps us to move forward and sustain mission around the world.

When you become a friend, we’ll tell you about the decisions we make, and about the people we send out. We’ll also invite you to our events – and give you a fridge magnet, to remind you we’re here!

If you're interested in becoming a friend of Crosslinks, get in touch with us by emailing or use the giving form below.


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