Your trust or organisation can make a big difference to global gospel work carried out under the Crosslinks flag.

We're keen to build new relationships with trusts and organisations who want to make Christ known throughout the world. We want to help you give towards gospel work that meets your interests and charitable objectives.

There are a range of projects that trusts and organisations currently give to, from one-off projects, to long-term mission partners, to Crosslinks’ central costs. Please get it touch with us and we can put together a proposal that is personalised to your criteria, deadlines and application requirements.

If you would like to meet with someone to discuss your trust or organisation’s grant-making priorities and find out about specific areas that are currently in need of funding, contact Peter Tibbott.

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Crosslinks is an evangelical mission society, working largely within the Anglican Communion. Founded in 1922 as The Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Society, now Bible Churchmen’s Missionary Trust Ltd with the working name Crosslinks. Registered charity number 1164474. Registered company number 00193144.

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