Vitacura - a suburb of Chile's capital city Santiago - is one of the most gospel needy areas in the whole of Chile. 90,000 people live there but very few know Jesus as saviour. Most people chase success in order to feel valued. Worth comes from proving to be better than the guy next door.

Yet, a recent survey found 80% of residents had an interest in finding out about Jesus. There is a deep hunger but also a tremendous need for people who will tell them the good news.

Diego Pacheco is the pastor of a new church in Vitacura. Each week he teaches the Bible to the congregation and equips them for sharing the good news with their neighbours. Already people are coming along who did not attend church regularly before this year.

However, numbers are still small and Diego is having to work part-time at a local radio station to supplement his salary. So, for the short-term, we are appealing to individuals and churches in Britain and Ireland to help get this project going. Are you able to help? 

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Why is Diego is the best man for this task?

  • He is Chilean and has a gospel heart for his own people.
  • He trained for ministry in Chile and knows the local context well.
  • He knows the congregation and their needs personally.

Please consider giving to this project and supporting Diego as he preaches, pastors and reaches out in Vitacura. 

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Give to Diego Pacheco and the church in Vitacura


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