Each year, Crosslinks promotes one of its exciting new projects for our Christmas appeal. This year, we are delighted to be partnering with Discipling the Next Generation

Discipling the Next Generation was pioneered by Jean Ngirimana in an effort to see children in Rwanda taught the gospel faithfully from a young age. Jean explains more in the video below.

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It is our prayer that, by showing gospel partners like you the need for such a valuable ministry, we might be able to raise enough funds for the project to formally begin in 2018. In order for this to happen, Crosslinks needs to raise around £15,000 per year for the next three years.

  • £25 could pay for one student to attend a weekend training course.
  • £35 could buy all the books and resources for one student for a year.
  • £100 could pay Jean's salary for one week.

With your help and support this Christmas, we believe that we can enable this project to get off the ground. In turn, students will be trained to teach the bible faithfully and effectively to the next generation in Rwanda.

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Discipling the Next Generation in numbers

25 university students and recent graduates will enrol on the programme each year.

7 older Christians will be enlisted to help with the training – they’ll read the Bible regularly with the students and help apply what they’ve been taught.

4 weekend residential training courses will take place each year. Topics they will look at include principles of teaching children the Bible, techniques for understanding a bible passage and various Christian doctrines.

1 children’s holiday club will be run every year for the students to put their new skills into practice!

Mpore's story

Mpore has a big passion for youth and children's ministry but, until recently, nothing of this sort was taking place in his church. Mpore then visited Jean's kids’ bible club and was so excited by what was going on that he convinced his church to start up something similar. 

On the Sunday school's second week, Jean visited the class to see how it was going. The children were very happy and loved being there. At the end of the lesson one five year old girl ran up to Jean and said, “Ooh mbega ibintu byiza twize uyu munsi!” Translated this means, “Wow what great things we have learnt today!” In that lesson they had be learning about God the creator: he created each of them in his own image and he created the things that they love, because he loves them so much. Mpore is now trying hard to see how he can help other churches in his area.

What do people have to say about Discipling the Next Generation?

Mum of three Mary says, “You are teaching children the Bible! Each week my children are coming home so excited about what they have learnt. Now they're teaching me!”  

12 year old Keza says, “I love the kids’ slot at the beginning of the church service – it means that my parents know how to help me with what I am learning in Sunday school. One of my favourite lessons was when we learnt that Jesus died for us on the cross to save us from our sins.”

Christine writes, “I love how the kids’ slot shows me as a parent how to help my child see God’s love and faithfulness. I love that the crafts the children bring home summarise the main things they have learnt that day and help me know what they’re learning.”

Chantal says, “I used to find helping out in Sunday school very hard - I just didn’t know what or how to teach. But being trained by Jean has helped me realise that we do not need to wait for children to grow up to share God’s word with them, but we must begin as soon as possible. Children need the Bible too! When we teach God’s word in a way that they can understand, these precious young children are putting their faith in Christ."

Justin writes, “The parent’s training Jean gave us has really changed my perspective. I now take time to teach my kids God’s word and pray with them. It is great to be in a church that preaches God’s word faithfully to both adults and children.”

Gerald shares, "Something amazing is happening in our Family! We previously didn't have a culture of reading the Bible at bed time, but this has now changed on request of my five year old daughter Oria. Every night before she goes to bed she asks us to read her a story from the Bible. Regardless of how tired she is, Oria cannot accept to go to bed if we haven’t read the Bible to her first."

Give to Discipling the Next Generation. £25 could pay for one student to attend a weekend training course.