Europe To The World And Back (Sheffield)

11 November 2017, 10:30am-4pm
£6, £8, £10

Christ Church Central, Sheffield
The DQ Centre, Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JR


‘…the Gospel shall not be thus confined. It shall be preached freely unto all the world’ proclaimed Martin Luther on Ascension Day, 1523.

Shortly after Luther gave this sermon, the Reformation took hold of Europe. A handful of pastors and writers across northern Europe were gripped afresh by deep gospel truths and the Church reclaimed her vision for mission. In France alone, it took just 20 years for the number of Reformed congregations to rise from five to over 2,000.

At this event, we will explore how the rediscovery of God’s love and forgiveness in the Bible once fuelled the Church’s mission and how, today, it should do the same.

The event will include two plenaries from Lee Gatiss, plus news and updates from Crosslinks workers across the globe. Tickets cost just £10 per person, £8 for Crosslinks Members and Friends and £6 for students. Lunch and refreshments are included.

Book your place today at the bottom of this page.

Order of the day

10.30-10.45   Arrival and refreshments
10.45-12.00   Session 1: Lee Gatiss
12.00-12.20  Coffee break
12.20-13.30   Session 2: News and stories from Crosslinks gospel workers across the globe
13.30-14.15    Lunch
14.15-15.15     Session 3: News and stories from Crosslinks gospel workers across the globe
15.15-16.00    Session 4: Lee Gatiss

Opportunities and Resources

There will be many chances throughout the day to hear about opportunities that Crosslinks has to offer. Staff will be available to discuss these opportunities or to chat about how you could be more involved in mission yourself or with your church.
We will also provide a bookstall alongside free resources in your welcome pack.

General Enquiries

To find out more or to discuss travel plans, please email The DQ Centre is a 15-minute walk from Sheffield Station with local transport another easy option. Alternatively, there is parking available.

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