The impact of coronavirus on the world so far has been unprecedented. We have heard with sadness from our personnel and partners around the world of illness, job losses, hunger and fear among those they work with.

But amidst all this, we have rejoiced at being able to see just some of the ways God has used the pandemic for the growth of his kingdom. Mission partners in Chile, Ireland and Sweden have reported huge numbers of unbelievers joining online church services. Crosslinks workers in Rwanda, India and South Africa have been able to adapt their children’s ministries to reach even more people than before the virus. Partners in the Czech Republic, New Zealand and Spain have seen a hunger to study God’s word among people that was not there before. And coronavirus has given workers in Italy, Uganda and Thailand the opportunity to share the good news with people they otherwise wouldn’t have had contact with. For all this and more, we give God great praise.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our priority at Crosslinks has been the welfare of our mission partners. Our response has included:

  • Monitoring the on-the-ground situation in the 30+ countries where we have workers, in line with FCO and insurance industry recommendations.
  • Repatriating workers for whom returning to the UK is the safest option.
  • Advising all our workers on practical matters and safety issues.
  • Providing regular pastoral support.
  • Arranging online social meetings for the children of Crosslinks workers.
  • Helping mission partners support needy people in their communities practically.
  • Communicating with friends, family and partners back at home to keep them informed and connected.

Please pray for all our mission partners in such varied circumstances. For some, life is now taking a similar shape to what it was before the pandemic. For others, the impact of the virus where they are is only just beginning to take effect. Pray that through all this Crosslinks workers would remain confident in the Lord’s love, care and control. Above all, join us in praying that the Lord Jesus Christ would use us in our weakness so that all glory goes to him.

John McLernon
Mission Director