Daniel Odhiambo

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Marsabit Diocese


Marsabit, in northern Kenya, is a diocese the size of the whole of England. 60% of the population are Muslim and 35% follow traditional African religions - just 5% are Christian. Gospel workers are few, with only 18 trained clergy, but their work has been slowly and consistently bearing fruit as more Kenyans come to know Christ.

The area of youth and children’s ministry is particularly struggling from the scarcity of personnel. Around 70% of the Kenyan population is under 35 years of age and, in Marsabit, radicalisation of the youth is increasingly becoming an issue. Christian youth are in the minority and suffer much persecution, but they remain passionate about serving the Lord. However, without tailored youth ministry, false teaching becomes prevalent and this results in zeal without knowledge.

To meet this need, Daniel Odhiambo has returned to Marsabit to set up a youth and children’s ministry. Daniel previously served in the diocese as a ministry apprentice with iServe Africa from 2012 – 2014. During this time, Daniel worked as assistant to the Archdeacon of St John’s Church and taught in a local school.

Daniel’s key activities are: 

  • Discipling and training Sunday school teachers and youth leaders across the 53 churches, focusing on faithful bible handling and evangelism
  • Producing  ministry  resources, relevant to the unique context in Marsabit
  • Organising youth and children’s events and running youth conferences
  • Carrying out discipleship courses and establishing Christian Unions in schools, to help Christian students share the gospel with fellow students
  • Preaching across the diocese and seeking to model faithful bible handling

Through this work, Daniel hopes that youth and children across the region will be equipped to live boldly for Christ in Northern Kenya.

Daniel writes, “Children and youth matter, and they are the best age group to equip in a society dominated by Islam and African Traditional Religion. The increasing Islam radicalisation going on in Northern Kenya, and the constant persecution and assassination of Christians, means that Christian young people need to be thoroughly rooted in God’s word. This is the only thing that can make them stand and boldly proclaim Christ in this challenging culture.”

As the diocese continues to grow, it is hoped that it will become financially self-sufficient. However, in the meantime, Crosslinks has committed to supporting Daniel for the next three years, and is looking for trusts, churches and individuals to partner with him in prayer and giving. Please click the links on the left to begin a partnership with Daniel.

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