Wanyeki and Mary Mahiaini

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Nairobi, Kenya


Wanyeki and Mary Mahiaini first came to Britain as postgraduate students. On returning to Kenya they taught in Nakuru before Wanyeki was invited to be a staff worker for UCCF in London.

Conscious of his own experience of being called upon to teach God’s word without the benefit of training in bible handling, Wanyeki hoped that somehow African postgraduates already in the UK could be offered the opportunity to be equipped as bible teachers. The opportunity arose at the end of his time with UCCF when the Philip Project was born, with Wanyeki as its first Project Coordinator.  Over the next nine years Wanyeki and Mary led the project based at the Cornhill Training Course, London, where around ten African students each year learnt to preach faithfully.  He also has several years experience leading expository preaching conferences in Kenya and elsewhere under Langham Partnership International.  Since 2009 Wanyeki has been Associate Minister for Training (Discipleship) at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London.

Now Mary and Wanyeki desire to contribute to the Lord’s work in Kenya by establishing a ‘Centre for Life-Long Learning’ just outside Nairobi under the oversight of the Anglican Church in Kenya.   The centre aims to equip ministers with skills to identify cultural trends that may impact gospel work in their parishes and in the country. The centre will provide ministers with skills to anticipate and meet the challenges and the opportunities of complex and rapidly changing Kenyan cultures. The centre will also further develop ministers’ skills in expository bible teaching in order to continue to accurately and persuasively teach the Bible in their parishes. 

We give thanks to God that Wanyeki and Mary have now received all the funds they need to buy a new car. However, if you would still like to contribute towards their ministry costs, please click on one of the links above.

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