Tim and Tanya Davies

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Sheffield, UK


Tim and Tanya Davies are involved in church planting in Sheffield. Tim is an Associate Mission Partner.

The Davies work with Christ Church Central, which is facing some particularly big issues as they go about their ministry of evangelism. One such issue is of bridging the cultural chasm between those who are ‘churched’ and the ‘non-churched’ they hope to reach.

Another is the change in modern western communities. Due to developments in work, technology and mobility, people in British cities tend to relate to one another in networks rather than in parishes or neighbourhoods. Even though people may physically live next door to one another they work in different places and might socialise with another group of people. An individual’s a ‘geographical address’ is less significant to their community than their ‘network address’. Church planters at  Christ Church Central are having to find ways of reaching into these networks - being a ‘network church’ rather than traditionally parochial. 

In 2008 Tim Davies was made an honorary Canon of All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi.

Tim and Tanya have four children: Bethan, Anna, Rebekah and Caleb.

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