Mark and Jane Oden

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One French historian, wrote that “Europe ends at Naples and ends there quite badly.” Naples is Italy's third city, with a 4.5 million population. It is the capital of southern Italy. Mark and Jane Oden are hoping to establish a church in its centre. 

Mark and Jane will be working alongside an existing church for the first two years, where they will gather support for a central church plant.

They have four children: Sofia, Inez, Luisa and Archie.


Mark and Jane are also fundraising to provide the resources for young Neapolitans to get involved in full-time gospel ministry. This fund will not be used to support individuals outright, but will be used alongside existing financial support from sending churches and income from part-time work.

This year, the gospel worker the Odens are raising funds for is Francesco Schiano. Francesco has been in full-time student ministry since 2014, and needs a monthly salary of €800. To watch an interview with Francesco, click here.

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