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Chiang Mai


Janet is teaching English at “The Centre” in Chiang Mai, where she has many opportunities for sharing the gospel with her students.

The Centre was started in 1994 as a ministry to reach out to university students with the gospel. Over 35.000 students from Thailand, Burma, Laos, China and local tribal groups attend the nearby universities and many need to learn conversational English to further their opportunities in the working world. Through the provision of accessible and affordable language classes The Centre has created a way of building relationships and opening the way to tell students about Jesus.

Janet is a retired music and RE teacher with TEFL training. Following an initial 8 week placement at The Centre in Autumn 2010, she returned for a further 2 years in Autumn 2011 under our short-term programme.  Janet is now a long term Associate with Crosslinks. She quickly builds up friendships with the students and as she becomes more familiar with the culture in Thailand, she is finding ways of linking local traditions with the good news of Jesus. in a very natural way.

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