Andrew and Bethanie Walker

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After five years of language study and theological education in Argentina, Chile and the UK, the Walkers are back in Argentina to serve in the Anglican Church. Their focus is on pastoral ministry with a view to long-term church leadership development. They are serving with Mario Ágreda, an Argentine pastor, based in Holy Trinity Church (Iglesia de la Santa Trinidad), Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires.

Previously Andrew was the International Student Worker for St Ebbe’s Church in Oxford and Bethanie worked for UCCF in Nottingham and then Oxford.

Andrew and Bethanie have three children: Maia, Emilio and Lucy. 

Andrew and Bethanie have been really encouraged by getting to know Jony and Jenny Bertin, a couple from their local church in Argentina. Wonderfully, Jony and Jenny were able to study at the Cornhill Training Course in the UK which has been an incredible blessing. Now, the door has now opened for Jony to study a Masters at Oak Hill Theological College, part-time for two years before heading back to Argentina. If you would be interested in helping to fund their studies or would like to find out more about them, please click here.