John and Gillian Robinson

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John and Gillian Robinson have been in Thailand since 2010 and set up The Place of Grace in Bangkok in 2012. Situated in the middle of the second largest slum community in Bangkok, The Place of Grace shares God's love in action and in preaching the gospel.

Thailand is the world’s largest Buddhist nation, and despite the gospel making an impact on neighboring countries in South East Asia, about 0.05% of the population in Thailand is Christian. There is a huge need for the gospel, and there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor in Thai society. Thailand is known for its sex industry, and relationship problems are huge, with over a third of children not living with either parent.

Over 200 children and young people attend the weekly groups at The Place of Grace where they have a safe place to play and they hear the gospel message through drama, prayer and other activities. The Place of Grace runs a weekly discipleship group where new believers can grow and be encouraged. They also run a food bank where the gospel is shared as well as vital food provisions.

Before moving to Thailand, John trained as a Youth and Community worker, most recently working on the streets of Manchester as manager for the Eden Bus Project with the Message Trust. Gillian is an ordained minister in the Church of England, with particular experience in children's work, and most recently was Priest in Charge of St Johns Church in Mossley. John has also written three books, Nobody’s Child, Somebody’s Child and Streetsmart.

They have three children, Leah who is an advocate for Thailand at college in America, Natalie who is in her last year at an international school in Thailand and Joel who is 6 and currently homeschooled as well as fully involved at The Place of Grace, as all of the family are.