John Guyo Jarso

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John writes, “I was born and brought up in a Christian family.  One day, I heard the word of God preached and realised that I am a sinner and I was convicted in my life.  God surely loved me and I believed in him as the creator of all the universe and Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, and was later baptised.”


Rt Rev Rob Martin, bishop of Marsabit, writes, “John comes from the Gabra people, a nomadic group living in the Chalbi desert.  It is a tough mission field, and we have found it hard to recruit people from there, and also to keep the church flourishing.


John had been a volunteer pastor for an independent church for some years, before joining us as our evangelist in Chalbi District two years ago.  When I visited the parish recently, and we travelled around the huge parish, I was struck by how easily he fitted into the communities we visited.  He is very strategic in reaching the Gabra, and I believe could have a major impact in the future.”


John’s training

He will be studying for a Diploma in Theology at St Andrew’s College of Theology and Development, Kabare until July 2017.  John is 30 years old.


John requires £972 pa for 3 years (2014-15 to 2016-17), which includes the 10% BEST administration charge.

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