James Wainaina

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Nairobi, Kenya

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James first heard the gospel through watching the ‘Jesus’ film whilst at primary school. Recognising his need for a Saviour, but not fully understanding about being saved, James would constantly seek to be ‘born again’ at Boys Brigade camps and at church. It was while at university that he better understood the work of the cross, salvation and sanctification, and grew in his faith and knowledge of Jesus.


James has been involved in the youth ministry at his local church among youth and works with iServe Africa in administration and training. In the future James wants to work in the Anglican church as a bible teacher and servant leader, and continue to contribute to the training work of iServe Africa in Nairobi.


James’ training

He is studying the MDiv (Biblical Studies) course at Africa International University (NEGST) in Nairobi, until July 2017. He is 28 years old.


James requires £1,780 pa for three years (2014-15 to 2016-17), which includes the 10% BEST administration charge.

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